John Jantsch: The Telephone Doesn't Use Any Gas - Benefits of Online Meeting Tools

There's no question that concerns about fuel prices and travel costs, whether motivated by "green" thoughts or not, are and will continue to be a driving factor in the growth of collaboration tools and technologies.

It's not very complicated. Webconferencing and online meetings can reduce travel and commuting costs.

John Jantsch's post "The Telephone Doesn't Use Any Gas" offers a good primer on how you can benefit from using online meeting tools. Jantsch also emphasizes how small business like small law firms should make use of these powerful tools to save money and, especially, time.

He lists a number of the popular tools, some of which we discuss in our book.

He also provides a good list of practical ways you can use these tools for marketing and communication in additional to standard meetings:

1. One to one seminar

2. Peer to peer seminar

3. Live with you

4. Interview an expert

5. Co-branded panel

6. Sponsored show

7. Q and A time

The money quote:

"As you utilize web and other tools such as web collaboration tools and teach your customers to use them as well, your effectiveness and efficiency will soar. Now, I’m not suggesting that you never venture out and grab some face time, I’m just suggesting you can be smart about employing technology to help you get more done with the same 24 hours everyone has in a day."

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