Google Docs -- Still a Risk for the Casual User?

How secure are your Google Docs?  If you use Gmail, you may recall that a few months ago Google turned on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption -- the protocol that encrypts connections to prevent your email from being hijacked.  So, great -- your email is reasonably safe from hackers.  But what about your Google Docs?  According to ReadWriteWeb in Your Google Docs May Be Open to Hijacking, not if you have a basic account.  If you happen to be using the paid Google Apps Premier or Education editions, you have SSL encryption.  SSL is not, however, an automatic option for users of free Google Docs.

Now that's not entirely true -- if you're a free Google Docs user and you want to encrypt your documents, all you really need to do is type in HTTPS when entering the URL for Google Docs; that will give you an encrypted connection.  Also, according to ReadWriteWeb you can also get a secure connection if you click to other services from the Gmail navigation menu (at the top left of the page).  However, for most of you this probably isn't the best solution.

Again, another reason why, at least for now, Google Docs (the free version, anyway) is not quite ready to permanently store your legal documents. 

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Sean LaRoque-Doherty - January 12, 2009 6:37 PM

I think you still need to pause and review Google's privacy policy that allows it to read content stored on its Web site and generate ads appropriate for that content. Granted, this is mostly an automated affair. But quality control and fine-tuning adfulfillment targets can also be a manual charge.

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