Editing Web Pages

I know, I know -- we need another document creation tool like we need...another wiki tool, right?  There are a ton of document creation tools, and chances are you have chosen your favorite and are sticking with it.  So am I.  But here's a site that takes the document creation idea a step further, in a pretty cool way.  Shutterborg is a pretty basic word processing tool, one that I would never trade for Google Docs.  But it does offer one option the others don't -- the ability to open and edit a web page.

When you first go to the site, Shutterborg gives you three options:  New Document, Open from Disk, and Open from Web.  Click Open from Web, and enter a URL.  Voila!  The web page opens in your browser, but in editable format.  You can edit this page and then save it as a PDF or Word Doc, or even in HTML.   I personally don't have the need to edit web pages all that often, but who knows -- maybe you do.

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