Teleconferencing Best Practices

 In our book and elsewhere, we talk all the time about the latest tools that can help you work better with others.  But there are tried and true collaboration tools that are definitely more low-tech than some of the things we like to recommend.  One example is the teleconference.  Lawyers have been conferencing with clients, colleagues, courts, experts, and others for years - and even though it's pretty low-tech, it can fail miserably if it isn't used well.  I've been through a lot of painful conference calls, and often, technology has nothing to do with it.

That's why I was happy to come across an old article published over at the New York Times called Top 10 Teleconferencing Tips.  The article offers some solid, common-sense ideas for making sure your next teleconference comes off without a hitch.  Although it does include some technology that I like to use when scheduling calls, like Tungle or WhenIsGood, it also offers some simple tips like "Make sure that the meeting starts on time."  Give it a read, even if you think you've got the whole teleconference thing down.

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