A Four Part Report on SharePoint in the Real World

Bill Ives has posted a great series of posts on real-world experiences with Microsoft SharePoint. He characterizes SharePoint as the "most common platform for enterprise 2.0."

The posts cover a set of four sessions at a conference on “Real World Sharepoint Experiences”sponsored by Knowledge Management Associates.

The four sessions covered:

Dispatches from the Front Lines

Training Approaches

Sharepoint Best Practices Conference

Upcoming Sharepoint Investment Areas

Doug Cornelius also liveblogged the same conference at his post "Dispatches from the Front Lines - Themes and Trends in SharePoint Use."

Both posts give you access to great information about the ways people are using ShaprePoint in the real world filtered for you through the eyes and ears of two very knowledgeable experts.

Using Sharepoint to Collaborate Outside the Organization

Microsoft's Sharepoint is am amazingly powerful technology -- I don't even understand everything Sharepoint can do.  I'm familiar with using Sharepoint as a project management tool, both within an organization and outside the firewall with members of the ABA TECHSHOW board.  But did you know, for instance, that you can build a website using Sharepoint?  I didn't.  It's not a topic for today's post, but I mention this to demonstrate the incredible power of this software tool.

But companies that want to work better with their customers or clients can also use Sharepoint to enhance the business relationship.  For example, the insurance company Allied North America  created a "mySocrates portal" based on Sharepoint for its insurance customers.  Insureds can check on the status of interactions with the insurance company, review data about injuries that occur on the insureds' worksites, and hopefully improve their risk management as a result.

This is a great example not only of using technology to work smarter with your customers, but also a great way to offer extra value to your clients beyond the main services offered.