2009 Update Version of Our Collaboration Tools Book: Want to Review It?

We've updated our book, The Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies, for 2009 with some new material that is included on a CD with the book. The CD includes a new chapter on tips, an article on trends, forms, audio and other updates. The CD itself can be ordered through through the ABA Web Store via this link (the book itself is here). The book is also available through Amazon.

We're also looking for a few people with a strong interest in the the book and a good audience for the book that we can send review copies to. If that might be you, please get in touch with us and tell us about your interest and audience. We can then work with our publisher to get you a review copy. Of course, we'd hope that you would then publish a review. You can get in touch by using the form on our contact page, leaving a comment to this post, emailing us personally, or contacting us through Twitter (@collabtools, @denniskennedy or @tommighell).



Carolyn Elefant's Review of the Book

Carolyn Elefant is one of our favorite bloggers and people. She's also the author of the excellent book, Solo by Choice.

We're thrilled to see Carolyn's review of our book.

Carolyn captures the heart of the book and how we wanted it to be a practical guide that gave lawyers practical information, practical steps and practical ideas to improve their practices and lives and also pointed out ways that lawyers can come up with their own creative ways to use these tools.

Carolyn gives some excellent ideas, with an emphasis of how these tools can help the solo lawyer. You'll benefit from Carolyn's perspectives and ideas.

The money quote:

But Tom and Dennis always tie the technology back to the purpose, recognizing that for lawyers, technology is a means to deliver legal services more efficiently and effectively and not an end in itself.

And were more than happy to take this compliment:

I'll just go ahead and rave:  The Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies is a book that opens huge possibilities for solo and small firm lawyers and will change the way you market and run your law firm.

Thank you, Carolyn. We hope that solos and small firm lawyers who read your book and our book will find the tools they need to change the practice for the better.