Using Collaboration Tools to "Face the New Reality"

We at Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools love the writings of Michael Sampson, and a couple of weeks ago he posted a great piece titled:  How to Manage Your Business in a Recession: "#1 Reset Priorities to Face the New Reality".  In this new age of budget cutbacks, businesses are looking for new ways to help its employees work together, or work with others.  He mentions two specific items that resonate with me:

  • Expense Management for Meetings.  With the new fantastic video and web conferencing programs available, remote meetings are becoming a more attractive - and economical - option for businesses.  As Michael says:  "[r]emember, it's the cost of telepresence in comparison to the alternative that signals whether it's a prudent financial investment, not the out-of-pocket cost per se." 
  • Get Out of Managing Projects in Email.  As we state in our book, email is a necessary communications tool, but it's a lousy collaboration tool.  If you're managing your projects (or lawsuits, or transactions) through email, starting thinking about whether tools like Sharepoint, Basecamp, or Central Desktop might make more sense.

Mike's article is a great read -- give it a look.

Collaboration Tools at ILTA

We presented twice on collaboration tools and technologies at the excellent ILTA 2008 conference last week - a must-attend-at-least-once event for anyone seriously interested in legal technology.

Tom and Dennis at ilta

We learned that there were 14 sessions addressing collaboration topics, showing the growing interest in the subject matter of our book.

We were quite pleased with the feedback we got on the book and learned that one of the other speakers had quoted from our book.

We recorded a portion of one of our presentations (had a technical difficulty) and hope to turn that into some kind of podcast.

The great news was that our sessions were well-covered by live-bloggers, Doug Cornelius, LawyerKM and David Hobbie, which gives you a great way to see what we covered in the sessions. A very special thank you to them. As a fascinating observation about live blogging, LawyerKM's outlines of the sessions were actually better than the speaking notes I had in front of me. Doug provides a handy set of links to the posts on our sessions under the heading of Collaboration Tools on his post here.

We'll also make one or more versions of our slides available on this site. In due course.

West also produced a video of Tom talking about the book.